Dawnwood Home

The Dawnwood

Located on a quiet cul de sac in Seven Hills, a suburb of Cleveland, this five-resident home is set up similarly to our Dellwood Home, with a central, open kitchen-dining room-living area, well-appointed bedrooms right off the central room, and bathrooms designed to make activities of daily living safe and accessible.

It has been beautifully renovated with brand-new flooring and elegant, contemporary furniture. The home is set on a country-like property with large yards, trees and gardens.

In the spring and summer, residents spend much of their time enjoying the outdoors from our patio, our large open deck or our closed deck, where they bring their meals or relax with their coloring projects.

Another unique feature of the Dawnwood Home is its fire pit, a popular gathering spot that adds something special to the residents’ day.

With the ranch-style layout of the house, every room is accessible, as are the outdoor spaces. All doorways are wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair, and the house is equipped with an entry ramp.

Life at Dawnwood is safe, comfortable, congenial and most of all, permeated with a spirit of respect for our residents and concern for their needs.