In the same way living in a single-family home is different from apartment living, Heritage living differs from large, institutional assisted living facilities.  PLUS, each Heritage site has a full-time, trained caregiver who lives on-site and ensures that all of residents’ needs are met continuously.  Hourly caregivers support the work of the on-site caregiver.

Activities are an essential part of living a meaningful life.  At Heritage, planned activities may include exercise, bingo, movies, and games.  Field trips are also planned.  Residents are encouraged to continue whatever activities they enjoy, like gardening, art, and reading.  Residents are also encouraged to participate in off-site activities they arrange on their own.

Visitation is allowed and encouraged but in a safe and responsible way.  All properties have outdoor living spaces available for safe, socially distant socializing. Visitors are screened before entry into any of our sites.  Visitation policies are subject to change in accordance with current COVID-19 conditions in the community.

All Heritage residents pay privately.  We accept most long-term care insurance.